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About our seeds

Our seeds are pollinisation libre. They will breed true to type. You can save their seeds. Our seeds are certified biologiques by Ecocert Canada. They were produced ecologically with organic methods. We do not offer GMO seeds. Our seeds were selected for our bio-region. They are adapted to our climate and our weather.

Read about Tourne-Sol seed production on Dan’s blog:

D’où proviennent nos semences?

  • 70% de nos variétés sont cultivées à la ferme coop Tourne-Sol
  • 10% de nos variétés sont cultivées par d’autres fermiers locaux (dont plusieurs sont d’anciens stagiaires chez nous)
  • 20% come from growers in other regions and wholesale suppliers.

Nous ne cultivons pas toutes nos semences parce que certains types de semences sont très difficile à produire dans notre climat et nous n’avons pas l’espace nécessaire pour tout faire.

Nous avons signé la Promesse pour des Semences Sécuritaires

Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative, nous promettons que nous n’achetons ni ne vendons consciemment aucune plante ou semence modifiée génétiquement. The mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera, families or kingdoms, poses great biological risks as well as economic, political, and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested prior to public release. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of genetically engineered seeds. Further, we wish to support agricultural progress that leads to healthier soils, genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and ultimately healthy people and communities.